Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Miss Abby and Jilly

The wife and the Bug have been gone for the last couple of days and I've really been missing them so I made this. If you can watch this and not instantly love Abby you have no soul and no heart. Enjoy!


Emmie said...

I think this may very well have been the sweetest thing I ever did see. Well done, Mike!

Donlu said...

I second the opinion. Soooo cute!

Love from one of the Adoring Grandmas!

Nicole said...

Dear Mike-
I found your blog via Em and Garrett's. I laughed and laughed out loud at several of your blogs, i.e. the rare longtailed blue slushie eating warm blooded mammal. I hope all is well with you, Jill and your darling baby.
2002-Keep the Spirit Alive,
Nicole Perry Clawson
President of THE SOCIETY

Rebekah said...

Maybe I'm just really emotional right now, but I just shed some tears. I think I love your daughter.