Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Welcome family and friends to Son of Doug, Dad of Bug at 25centgrasshopper. Before going on to the particulars I will answer the question that I'm sure you all are asking yourselves right now: "Why did I limit my welcome to only family and friends?" Well, there were several reasons. Right off the bat I knew I could exclude any Internet predators from my welcome because it clearly states at the top of my blog that although I am a son, I'm also a dad, so that puts me safely outside their target range. My enemies were also excluded from my welcome because I want them to know that 25centgrasshopper is hostile ground for those that wish to draw swords with the likes of me, or just me. Do you see how serious I am? Not only should "those who wish to draw swords with me" feel threatened, but even if you weren't fully committed to being my enemy and only hated me enough to draw swords with the "likes of me" that still counts. I still declare all out war. That's how tight me and my likes are. You wanna mess with the likes of me? Well you're gonna have to come through me! Finally, my main reason for limiting my welcome to just family and friends is for the sake of brevity.
With that said I welcome you to my blog and hope you enjoy my subsequent postings.

Mike Thayer, Son of Doug, Dad of Bug