Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like Father, Like Son (Kind of )....

Hello there. I thought it was about time to make my quarterly shot at blogging, although this post will be short and bitter-sweet as I have a shocking announcement to make: Because I enjoy writing so much I am forced to withdraw from the blogging world!

Now you're probably thinking that the prior sentence doesn't make sense since I haven't invested enough into the blogging world to withdraw from it and the love of writing should actually compel me to more actively participate in the blogosphere, not cower from it(the word "blogosphere" is actually one of the big reasons I'm leaving. What a stupid word). Well, those are two very good points, I'll take them into consideration.

Actually, the reason I have not posted anything lately is because I have been busying writing something else. Being both the Son of Doug and the Dad of Bug, I have been inspired to write a book for my posterity (also the prospect of fame and fortune). So yes, I am writing a book. Actually it will end up being a 3-4 book series in the end with any luck.

Although the full explanation of why I have taken on this rather ambitious endeavor will have to wait for another blog post, I will share with you a little of what prodded me to attempt authorship. I love watching stupid movies. To sit around with Regan, Eric, Scott, and Boldt and watch a dumb movie is a near divine experience. In fact if I can't watch "Yeti" or "Battlefield Earth" with my buddies in Heaven, I'm going to have to have a serious conversation with Peter, James, and John (it is well known that they oversee all celestial entertainment).

At any rate, although I am thankful for the existence of stupid movies, I, like many of you, often think "who writes this stuff?!" Some guy actually wrote this piece of garbage script and somehow convinced some producer to invest millions to bring it to life! For examples: Batman and Robin, Indiana Jones 4, Battlefield Earth, etc. After watching said movies and you and your friends say "man, I could write a better script!" I'm positive that some of you are right. We could write a better script, but we, as the mildly worthwhile members of society, are too busy with our families or jobs to sit down and write a better version of Indiana Jones (unfortunately George Lucas was not). So instead of perusing Facebook or in the evenings and mindless listing to music during my daily commute, I have committed myself to formulating a fictional universe and writing its story (and I love the whole process). Even if you think I am incapable, I still need your feigned support to keep me on the stick, because at times I really think I'm on to something.

Just think of some of the authors that have recently risen to fame: Stephenie Meyer, J.K Rowling, etc. Although I am not a woman (I have fathered two children as rather solid evidence of the fact), I share something with these women: I am writing because I love to do it and not because it's my last resort for a paycheck. These authors began their stories simply because they wanted to and they loved it.

So, here goes nothing. Mike Thayer, the engineer author. Hopefully I don't suck it up.


Katie said...

That's awesome Mike. Can't wait to read it!!

DDT said...

Go, MET, go!

Stephen said...

I think you should start your book with "Liberals need to pay their taxes (smooth move Obama) and global warming is a farce!"

Scramblejams said...

Mike, I understand where you're coming from. I have been pushing Em to embrace her heritage and write -- not anything good, you understand, but to pull a JK Rowling and write something that the masses would lap up like starving cats. So I suggest the most derivative things I can think of, like a race of female druid fairies who go to high school with humans but aren't allowed to kiss, that sort of thing. (You are NOT allowed to steal that idea. It's gold I tell you!) I hope that your impending literary respectability will awaken Em's copious competitiveness and she'll race you to the bottom!

Rebekah said...

ok mike i am upset about this for a number of reasons.

1. blogging is totally different from writing a book. your problem is that you invest too much into each post. if you would let it be just an outlet, it wouldn't stress you out and you could do both.

2. you are a funny blogger. there are not many of you out there.

3. i wrote a book. its long. we need to talk about it one of these days.